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Inerteq IT’s goal is to provide complete IT asset Life Cycle Management, maximize system up time and minimize time to resolve issues if and when they occur. Our full services option provides comprehensive services for desktops, servers, networks, and databases including preventive maintenance for desktops, providing help desk services with a web based Trouble Ticketing System.

You can choose our Desktop Preventive Maintenance Plan along with Server Monitoring option to match your budget. If the full services portfolio goes beyond your budget requirements you may still wish to use our tools for an in-house team to carry-out full services. Whatever plan you choose, we can get you started immediately with minimal training. You have the option to quit within a quarter. You can rely on us for top-of-the-line consulting services for sizing and implementation of MS Exchange, Databases, Network Infrastructure and much more.

Desktop Agent Schedule
Server Agent Schedule

A few services are mentioned in more detail for you to get a grasp on the same:

Desktop and Server administration and Desktop preventive maintenance services
Our Desktop and Server administration provides services such as: routine user and group administration, setting up individual home directories and shares, configuring printers, sending messages to users, start/stop a service or a process and change properties. Most of the jobs are carried out remotely using a secure remote control provided by SAAZ. This provides us a unique secured methodology to take remote control of an ailing desktop as if your administrators were actually sitting at the user's desk.

Our tools can scour your IT environment (desktops and servers) to determine what is and what is not present in the desktop and server. You can figure out what operating system, hot-fixes, and applications the system has; what kind of processor, the amount of memory, how big is the hard drive, the type of monitor, keyboard and a whole slew of greater esoteric items like network IP addresses, ports, protocols and adapter configurations, shares, user names, group configurations, etc.

All this information can be categorized and used during capacity planning discussions. We also provide change configuration reports, which help track the complete life cycle of an asset you may possess. Our full services include software deployment and OS upgrade services too.

Our desktop preventive maintenance services include regular maintenance of a desktop. Services included under this are: cleaning up internet debris and temp files once a week, update for latest anti-virus signature everyday, weekly repair of registry and spyware removal and patch assessment and deployment of critical patches on each desktop on weekly basis.

You are kept informed on each and every action that is taken on your IT Assets including monthly reporting on Asset inventory, asset change configuration, and details of preventive maintenance carried out on each asset including Trouble Tickets raised by end users and actions taken to resolve them.

Server monitoring, alerts and notification services
Inerteq IT's Managed Services are focused to keep your IT systems operational, available and secure so you can concentrate on the everyday demands of expanding your business, managing costs and increasing revenues. Inerteq IT is here to help you realize the productivity gains and ROI you expect from your computer systems.

Our services include the following:

  • 24x7 monitoring
  • Escalation & basic fixes
  • Event log monitoring
  • Back-up log checks
  • Anti-virus log checks
  • Server Availability
  • Service Availability monitoring
  • Monitoring for DNS, DHCP, and TS, etc.
  • Basic response time monitoring
  • Monitoring custom performance parameters
  • Server health check and analysis of key trends
  • Patch assessment & management
  • Service pack updates
  • Log maintenance (both OS and Exchange)
  • Virus definition and prevention
  • Server tuning and cleaning
  • Low priority services
  • All calls related to server issues or application issues

We provide a rich reporting console to view base level and policy level analysis. You will receive reports related to server health check comprising of server availability, resource utilization for CPU, memory and disk space; a level 2 report comprising of event log analysis and in-depth utilization analysis.

Apart from monthly reporting, we provide server error analysis reporting as and when errors are encountered along with trouble ticket information and escalations. Our performance reports for Oracle monitoring along with executive reporting would provide you information related to processes, memory efficiency, instance, sessions, object maintenance, transactions, table growth and many more parameters.

Real-time Network monitoring, alerts and notification
Inerteq IT makes an attempt to know the problem by monitoring a network 24/7, before it is too late. We monitor a network for its link latency, packet loss, availability, traffic, bandwidth utilization; and device CPU load, memory and disk space utilization parameters.

Our monitoring tools provide facility to configure traps for SNMP events. Alerts would be sent when traps are received. With the help of a built in MIB compiler, our tool is ready to monitor any device router, switches, hubs, UPS, etc., so long as the MIB's are available from the equipment manufacturer.

We provide our customers with trend reports. Graphs can plot parameters like: traffic, CPU load, voltage on a UPS and many more. Data is made available in line, bar, pie and distribution formats for hourly, daily, weekly, and monthly figures. We can export this data to a data mining tool and provide comprehensive reports for capacity planning and analysis.

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