It is no longer just your computer system.
It involves every aspect of your day to day operations.

Inerteq Information Technologies, LLC of Lincoln, Nebraska, was founded April 1991, by Gregory L. Osborn, for the dedicated purpose of offering solutions to computerization and system integration of the Professional Office and Commercial Business arena. Inerteq IT is dedicated to your success. In July of 2010 the original name of the company, “Computing Extras,” was changed to Inerteq IT to bring forward the reflection of our new slogan that Technology is much more than just computers.

Inerteq IT offers complete solutions and support for existing networks, or the upgrade, design and implementation of network systems for your growing business. From 1 PC to 100 PCs and multiple servers, you will receive the expertise of Inerteq IT to make your system integrate and communicate within and with the world securely.

Inerteq IT works with many partners to offer you sales, repairs/upgrades and service of PCs, Servers, Printers, Office Phone Systems, Tablets, Mobile Phone, Firewalls, Security, Off-Site Backup, Managed Services, Disaster Preparedness Plans, etc.

Inerteq IT offers Internet, Extranet and Intranet Services
Website Server Hosting is available through Inerteq IT as well as remote connection through the Internet to your local network from anywhere you are.

The aim of Inerteq IT
To provide products and services of the highest quality and the greatest possible value to you, our customer. Real customer needs can only be satisfied by the active participation and dedication of everyone in our company.

The growth and success of Inerteq IT is determined by you, the customer. Give us the opportunity to gain your respect, loyalty and trust. You will see that Inerteq IT will supply excellent products, services, support and documentation to sustain your long term technology needs.

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